About Us


Bethesda is a fun place to eat , shop and experience a non “cookie-cutter” exploration day. Reddz Trading should be your first stop. We have a spacious store, that makes it easy to see everything. There are 8 large windows that face the street. On a sunny day it’s fabulous. On a cloudy day Reddz is a ray of sunshine. The music is good, the staff is upbeat; it’s all about Fun.   

Reddz Trading is like a consignment store, but we buy for cash or trade. We get our merchandise from the local people that bring items in. We have clothes brought by the people to sell to the people. New items are on our selling floor almost every hour. At our buy counter, we carefully pick desirable items, that we think we can sell.

Some stores are a treasure hunt, Reddz is a treasure chest. Looking for designer clothes and accessories? So are we! Looking for a cute dress? So are we! We maintain a fair convenient buying procedure that ensures that people will bring us clothes. 

A surprising number of people replace clothing after a few wearings. Our buyers have experience, trend knowledge and taste. They are Brand aware and have fun, upbeat personalities. Reddz gives a second life to gently used wearables.  

Make sure you stop in at least an hour before we close each night if you want to selling to us. Reddz promptly closes its register one hour before end of business each day. Monday to Saturday the register is open from 11am to 7pm and Sunday from 12pm to 5pm.